Behind Their Brand: Vol 2

The Story Continues with 9 More Chefs and How They Built a Successful Brand from Scratch

Compiled by Chef Deb Cantrell, Culinary Business Coach

In this Book You'll Find:

Chefs from all across the country with different professional backgrounds and expertisein the culinary industry, including owners of cafes, catering companies, personal and private chef companies. 

The good, bad and the ugly of building a brand from scratch and real stories and experiences of lessons learned and achievements made. 

Inspiring chefs who might make you want to quit your day job and start a culinary business!

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Tracy Callahan

Executive Chef and Owner of Bonaiuto's The Good Helper Your Personal Chef

Donna Barrow

Executive Chef and Owner of Your Plate or Mine

Shirley Scrafford

Executive Chef and Owner of My Chef Shirley

Deb Miley

Executive Chef and Owner of Deb Miley Dishes

Walda Collins

Executive Chef and Owner of Strategic AlignMint

Elizabeth Bourget

Executive Chef and Owner of Gourmet to Go

Alicia Ojeda

Executive Chef and Owner of Raw Chef Alicia

Gina Vanderkooi

Executive Chef and Owner of Higher Seasonings

Jodi Giroux

Executive Chef and Owner of Jodi's Personal Chef and Culnary Services

About the Compiler: Chef Deb Cantrell

Chef Deb wanted to compile a book that helped the world see chefs as true business owners and help other chefs not feel limited to just working in a restaurant. Through this book, she hopes to inspire chefs everywhere to think bigger in the world of culinary

Chef Deb is the Executive Chef and Owner of Savor Culinary Services in Fort Worth, TX. 

Deb is also a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of the book “So You’re a Chef Now What?” a sought-after speaker and culinary business coach who helps chefs across the country grow their culinary business and create a life they love. 

Chef Deb has spoken and appeared across the country as a keynote and featured speaker at the United States Personal Chef Association, the American Culinary Federation, the Texas Chef Association, the National Association of Women Business Owners and the eWomen Network, to name a few. 

Chef Deb has been in the culinary industry for 15 years and has operated five different successful culinary businesses ranging from a catering company to a restaurant. She hopes to help other chefs build the culinary business of their dreams through her culinary business coaching programs. 

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